Field Inspection & Testing

Establishing Field Laboratory
Pamir Geotechnical Services Company has capacity for establishing field laboratory for inspection and quality control for each type /size construction projects all over the Afghanistan.

Earthwork Observation and Testing
Soils placement observation; Plate Load Test, luge on and Lefranc, SP T, CPT, Percolation Test, compaction testing by Nuclear, Sand Cone, and other methods; performance evaluation; mobile field laboratory for soils testing on‐site; soil sampling.

Concrete, Cement Testing/Placement Observation
Batch plant inspection; slump, temperature, air entrainment, unit weight an d yield testing; cast concrete test specimens (cylinders, beams); Special Inspection; concrete coring.

Asphalt Concrete Observation/Testing
Field inspection, sampling and testing; asphalt coring and thickness measurement; temperature, field Marsh all's.

Structural Masonry Examination/Testing
Field testing of mortar and grout; reinforcement examination; Special Inspection in excavation, backfilling and foundation structures.

Reinforcing Steel Examination
Visual examination for size, grade, and dimensions of reinforcing steel and associated concrete form work, lab splices, welds; Special Inspection.

Concrete, Cement and Asphalt Laboratory Test Apparatus