Groundwater investigations are done in several stages ranging from feasibility studies to site selection, design and specification, drilling and borehole s to monitoring and modeling. Pamir Geotechnical Services Company applies professional investigation techniques designed to meet the project requirements and particular investigation stage. We perform the following groundwater studies:

  • Collection of Hydrological Data (Field Hydrology, existing water well)
  • Selection of suitable locations for drilling of boreholes Water well based on prior data & electrical resistivity
  • Drilling of Water Well, Water Level Determination

Groundwater Investigation Techniques

  • Geophysical and geo‐hydrological studies Installation of boreholes or pilot well
  • Shallow and deep Water well drilling by different methods Disturbed/undisturbed soil sampling during drilling from each strata Design of well, slot size, well log, filter gravel and pump
  • Installation of casing, screen, filter gravel, sealing and cementing On‐the‐job water quality testing
  • Well development and step drawdown pumping test Installation of submersible pumps
  • Laboratory testing ranging from basic parameters such as TDS phosphor more specific parameters such as volatile and semi‐volatile organic compo
  • Modeling of groundwater parameters and flow.