Dam Foundation Geotechnics

Geotechnical studies of dams, bedding structures and channel paths are of great importance in the construction of these structures. The most important issues in the construction of water dams, especially for the purpose of water storage, are the ability to maintain and prevent its loss from the foundation of dam. Due to the effective role of dams in supplying water needs as well as the potential hazards to their downstream communities, dam safety in the dam industry is one of the most important issues when designing, constructing and operating. Therefore, control of water seepage from foundation and calculation of water flow rate is very important.

Lack of attention to the issue of water seepage from the foundation and the sides of the dam will reduce the effective stress and consequently decrease the shear strength of the core and foundation stone materials. This apart from water seepage (water loss) can have dangerous consequences and cause instability and failure of the dam. It is therefore essential that calculate the exact amount of seepage from the foundation and sides of the dam and take to consider of technical and economic issues to prevent the risk of life and financial risks.

Pamir Geotechnical Services Company with successful experience in water seepage computation of dams to prevent it by performing grouting (Slurry grout) to create grout curtain and cutoff wall implementation to increase bearing capacity and impermeability, soil and rock aquifers that in building dams, one of the pioneering companies plays an effective and constructive role in applying new geotechnical methods.

Services Provided:

  • Dam sitting studies
  • Environmental impact, ecological and cultural resource evaluation
  • Hydrologic analyses
  • Seismic evaluation
  • Geotechnical investigations for dam foundations and site facilities
  • Dam foundations
  • Seepage barriers
  • Embankment dams and concrete dams
  • Spillways and hydraulic control
  •  Creation of grout curtain by grout operation
  •  Performance  of the cutoff wall
    •  Software Analysis (SEEP / W)
    •  Permeability test in rock (Lugeon) and soil (Lefranc)