Field Inspection & Testing

Geotechnical field testing services

Pamir Geotechnical Services Company, considering its operational, technical and field experience, tailored to the requirements of civil engineering projects able to provide all geotechnical field services, tests (standard penetration, plate loading, shear cutting, perimeter, blade shear, Lufranc and Logeon permeability, California Bearing is the determination of the in situ density and cone penetration). 


Establishing Field Laboratory
Pamir Geotechnical Services Company has capacity for establishing field laboratory for inspection and quality control for each type /size construction projects all over the Afghanistan.

Earthwork Observation and Testing
Soils placement observation; Plate Load Test, luge on and Lefranc, SP T, CPT, Percolation Test, compaction testing by Nuclear, Sand Cone, and other methods; performance evaluation; mobile field laboratory for soils testing on‐site; soil sampling.

Concrete, Cement Testing/Placement Observation
Batch plant inspection; slump, temperature, air entrainment, unit weight an d yield testing; cast concrete test specimens (cylinders, beams); Special Inspection; concrete coring.

Asphalt Concrete Observation/Testing
Field inspection, sampling and testing; asphalt coring and thickness measurement; temperature, field Marsh all's.

Structural Masonry Examination/Testing
Field testing of mortar and grout; reinforcement examination; Special Inspection in excavation, backfilling and foundation structures.

Reinforcing Steel Examination
Visual examination for size, grade, and dimensions of reinforcing steel and associated concrete form work, lab splices, welds; Special Inspection.