Geo­hydrological Engineering

Geotechnical studies are performed to determine the subsurface conditions, geology and groundwater. Engineers of the Pamir Geotechnical Services Company have the necessary capability to plan geotechnical identifications to suit the project's requirements, a wide range of well drilling equipment, soil and rock sampling, in situ and laboratory testing. The data obtained from geotechnical identifications are used to determine the engineering variables of land materials; by determining these variables it is possible to calculate the bearing capacity, determine the amount of settling and the water impact on the structures.

  • Hydrological Survey (Surface Water Survey and Groundwater Survey)
  • Flood study
  • Selecting a suitable location for drilling (up to 300 meters)
  • Well designed, sized slot
  • Installation and commissioning of coating display, sand filter, watering and drilling

Test well water (quantity and quality)