Organization Chart

We could divide all the activities of the department into following three branches:

Executive Branch
In this branch all the fields, Geo technical & Geophysical activities take place. Collection of geophysical & geotechnical samples from the field, drilling of water wells, sumps, Drilling boreholes. Taking soil & rock samples, performing of on spot field testing including testing of pumping of water well, testing of field soil, rock, and concrete & performing laboratory    tests of soil, rock, concrete, water & asphalt & also the modification of land & design of foundation of civil structures and in general performing of all activities of all the projects are done in this branch.

Technical Branch
In this branch in coordination with other branches the de sign for checking of all technical methods are done, technical discussion, preparing technical reports, m aps & all other technical activities regarding the project are done. In this branch in collaboration with other two branches all the field & laboratory testing are collected and their results are used in proper technical designs for all civil & engineering projects.

Research Branch
In this branch all the observations from the laboratory are collected & standardized and similarly professional staff performs the required observations & testing requested by technical branch on soil, rock, concrete, asphalt & water samples. The raw data is given by the executive branch & it is checked for correction & accuracy by the technical branch.
Department of Geotechnical & Geophysics is equipped with standard & sufficient number of equipments for carrying out geotechnical & geophysical researches in civil projects. In Geotechnical branch soil mechanic al laboratory is established, which is able to perform continuous soil testing as required and tests of foundations in civil & engineering projects.