Geo Hydrology

We have Professional Experts in conducting geo‐hydrological and hydrological studies in Afghanistan. Geohydrology are the study of the movement of water beneath the earth’s surface. Geohydrology plays an important role in a wide range of issues involving groundwater, such as drainage of excavation sites for subsurface construction, (groundwater) decontamination, site preparation and development for urban areas and industrial sites, too high groundwater levels in the living environment and the consequences of extraction for industry and drinking‐water supply.  Pamir Geotechnical Services Company professionals provide expertise and consultancy in the area of Geohydrology and Hydrogeology. Geohydrology is the study of the interactions between water and rocks, particularly with respect to groundwater, whereas, hydrogeology is the study of the chemical and physical interactions between rocks and water.
Our expert geo‐hydrological engineers will not only provide you with geo‐ hydrological studies, but also gives you consultation on this field.